Distinct Decorating offers many services to enhance your interiors. We strive to optimize your living spaces on a budget you’re comfortable with.

Consultation is the first basic step towards a living space change. We will sit down with you, analyze your existing situation and give suggestions of what you need to do to maximize the beauty of your home.

Space planning in which your existing furniture and accessories will be rearranged to best optimize your living space. The possibility for additions may be suggested to further enhance or finish off the look including wall color, window treatments and accessories. We will give your rooms a comfortable balance that will be enjoyed by you, your family and your guests.

Home staging is best utilized for those trying to sell a home and need that extra edge over other homes also on the market. It’s a buyer’s market right now and your house needs to stand out. We can beautify the look of your home by decorating your rooms to complement each other to appeal to the common home buyer and give them a sense of comfort and a feeling of being at home.

Real estate agents and builders are welcome to contact Distinct Decorating for any staging or model home decorating that you may need. We will work with you and offer a plan that will benefit both parties.

Room makeovers can consist of using your existing furniture, accessories and window treatments or may be a complete change with everything new. It’s up to you and your budget how far you want to go. We will work with you during the process and bring out a living area that is an extension of your personality.

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